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Saturday, 21 April 2012


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I'll be certain the send a link David, to one of our own who, lectures on History to our good Freddie and Fannie - currently greasing his own pole.

Yep Newt, there's a lesson here.

Of course, Newt is a serial wifeist. Mind you, so is the Great Newt of London.

My houseboy is Chinese and would take umbrage if I explained your disparaging remarks to him but I don't want to confuse him right now.
He's doing a remarkable job in, ah, rehabilating my poor broken body.

Heh! The Chinese get all the luck!

And I wasn't being disparaging. I admire the Chinese - although I am aware that given the huge differences in characteristics between the various provinces of China that is a fairly meaningless expression.

Yeah, well, actually my Chinese houseboy is less Chinese than I am.
His family came to Australia in 1880 and, as they say, made good.

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