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Sunday, 01 April 2012


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The original poem is, of course, superb. But the other poem is not very good. Is it a parody? It doesn't derive any virtue from it being a wicked copy of an original which deserves to be satirised. It merely attacks another target, in the style of a much-loved original.

The old Punch used to do a lot like this. A sub-genre which can be diverting, but not particularly fruitful.

Love the original poem, not one I had seen before, but so very neatly describes that officious approach so beloved by the 'officer class' in so many areas of British life. I wouldn't be surprised if the training hasn't moved on too far from them, albeit with added emphasis on being inclusive, caring, healthing and safety'ing.

I also enjoyed the re-interpretation, great find indeed.

Why not give us "Bloody Orkney" too?

Yes, 'W', it does indeed attack another target, one which which I like to see attacked- in waves!

Paul, welcome to D&N. What I like about the origianl is the way it captures those tedious times - school, university, army training - when you are forced to listen but the mind keeps wandering.

DM, for you - anything. See above!

There is another parody, written by the great John Brignell, of "numberwatch" fame.

It's called "Provision of data".

I'll let you look it up yourself due to his copyright:

Nice one!

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