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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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I'll watch the Chelsea highlights tonight. No doubt I'll laugh at the twaTerry.

On a related topic, though it may lack the finesse of 'Justified', can anyone tell me who the murderer was in last night's 'CSI' and why he/she did it?

The Spouse returned at 10.45 from watching the Chelsea match in the pub and insisted on telling me all about it, with the result that I missed the denouement completely.

"twaTerry" - love it, DM!

Can't be sure about CSI but the word is that the villain in the piece was some highwayman called Macheath and that . . . ooops!

By the way, Mac, thank you for the post on statins over at your place. I am undergoing such a test at the moment but in my case the quack is hoping that he can take me off them. My opinion of him immediately shot up although whether my cholesterol did the same I have yet to find out!

Don't fall for all this medical rubbish about risk factors - the term is (presumably intentionally) misleading: all it means is positive correlates. Thus a major risk factor for obesity is the consumption of diet coke: a major risk factor for breast cancer is wearing a bra. Consider smoking - it is a cause of lung cancer - no crap about risk factor there. It's causes that should worry you, not risk factors.

Well, you should have watched the Essendon/Collingwood ANZAC Day clash at the MCG instead.
Brilliant game, the lead changed about 5 times in the final couple of minutes and Collingwood ended up winning by one point.
There was rain, sleet, hail, possibly some snow and still the beautiful young Aussie men bounded about in their tight little shorts.

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