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Tuesday, 03 April 2012


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"the words of many of my old school teachers, "Could do better!""

Alas, this would now be impossible for teachers to say or write. "Targets partially achieved" is how it would need to be expressed.

In the public services, the erosion of truthfulness has been steady but relentless. If you want to keep your job, I guess you have to do it. If you don't, then you mark yourself out as a member of the "awkward squad", and your days are numbered.

At least in the second-hand motor trade, lying aspires to a poetic exuberance. In the public sector, it is simply a matter of mangling words, ignoring inconvenient truths, and adding a few per cent here and there.

O tempora, o mores...

"poetic exuberance"

I never thought of it like that before, 'W'. Actually, my old music master gave me an end of year report which was so apt I have never forgotten it: "These lessons consist mainly of listening - a habit Duff has not yet mastered!"

Thanks, 'H', for an old man's motto!

The most dismissive remark I ever had from a teacher was "Ah, ever the intellectual, eh?"

The most insightful was "Still finding everything comes easy?"

They know a bit, teachers.

Well, they certainly had me taped. You, DM, were obviously one of the swots!

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