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Friday, 06 April 2012


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Should you harbor any doubts David, check with Malcolm to see if I hadn't mentioned something along Henry K's line of thought some years before. Of course that Obama fellow hadn't yet occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I was considering Chinese mineral rights purchases in Afghanistan. Don't bother attempting "behind-the-scenes" emails 'cause I've yet to finish up with the details of my computer system.

'Course ol' JK can barely constrain himself argueing minutia with the imminent Sir Duff of the Esteemed D&N!


Just what in tarnation kinda arguing is "testing" David?

Did she take your knighthood away again?

JK, see the post above for an explanation.

And given the sort of people who are knighted these days, I wouldn't accept a knighthood if they paid me! (Still, it would be nice to be asked!)

My houseboy was "knighted" or something on Australia Day this year and got pretty uppity for a while but after I made him clean out the crocodile pond, he's reverted to docile servitude.

I, however, have received no word so far of my impending Damehood. If it's good enough for my friend Edna, it's good enough for me.

c.c. Buck. pal.

Awww shucks Andra, twarn't nuthin.

'Dame Andra'! Yes, yes, it has a certain ring to it . . .

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