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Thursday, 26 April 2012


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Rupe won't give you press freedom, DD. He'll give you entertainment, and he'll give you the sort of news that he thinks that you need in order to advance his financial interests. Specifically, he'll tell us that a particular political party will be the right one to govern the UK, because the leader of said party promised him something approaching a monopoly of our media.

You are right about the attempts to control the press being an insulting waste of time.

I think true freedom of news is closer to what you are doing than any of the major corporations. Rupe will lie because he fears financial loss. So will the hypocrites at the Graun. Cameron will lie because he wants to stay in office. So would Miliband. There are no constraints on you speaking your mind, though, are there? Keep at it, DD, you might become cutting-edge!


It was meant to be a compliment!

Ambassador to China perhaps?

'W', my reply was meant to be a joke!

"Not bloody likely", JK, Prince Phil reckons Beijing is "Ghastly!"

Ah, but you David'd be the best man to look under the covers for what happened to your countryman recently.

Might be best you start out with Bo's ex-wife!

Bit tricky that, DM, I gather she is 'helping the Chinese security services with their enquiries' and so she's not answering her 'phone!

How'd you like a posting to the Antipodes?
Rupe can probably arrange it.
Just see how my damehood is coming, would you?

I'll have a word with Her Maj!

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