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Wednesday, 04 April 2012


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I can see where this is heading, and my answer is this: the price you are proposing we pay is too high for the benefit.

Risks can be accepted as well as mitigated; this one ought to be.

I refer you to the famous Ben Franklin quote about security and freedom.

I also give you a comment by Michael Portillo which seems relevant: "I having been in government have every reason for believing that the government routinely abuses the powers it has. It's not a matter of the last resort, it's the first resort. It isn't something that happens exceptionally, it happens all the time."

Fair enough, Andrew, so you would let them go and pay them compensation.

Better to leave the court system unsullied and just quietly bump the buggers off.

Problem is, DM, that '007' is the old boy shuffling ahead of me in the queue in the Post Office for his Old Age Pension!

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