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Saturday, 21 April 2012


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"Ann Coulter is superb and I want her to have my babies. Just imagine the result of a mingling of her genes and mine. I'm at a loss for words . . . "

As are we all.

From Condi Rice, Former Secretary of State.

The event that seared its way most powerfully into Rice’s memory was the 1963 bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. She heard the blast. Rice recalls the terror she felt as an eight-year-old. “These terrible events burned into my consciousness,” she remembers. And, as America shook its head in disbelief at the murder of four girls, Condi was mourning the two she knew personally--including Denise McNair, her kindergarten classmate. “I remember more than anything the coffins, the small coffins, and the sense that Birmingham was not a very safe place.“

Armed with a shotgun, her father joined the other men of the black community in night patrols to keep the KKK out of the neighborhood.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

No wonder she became a Republican then!

Er, DD? (Using initials here to differentiate - you understand.) Now mind, I'm not pissing into any punchbowls.

Our first Republican President, ol' Honest Abe, once told the story likening how our two Parties were to switch positions on stuff by a simple comparison to a bar brawl. It seems two drunken men were wildly swinging away at the other drunken fellow, both attired in "greatcoats." At the end of the fight the result was not much bodily damage but somehow the drunken brawlers had managed to wrestle each other into exchanging their respective greatcoats.

Only using this anecdote as a way of illustration because:

Considering that was written nearly a year ago it does not appear the Mr. Duke's plans have achieved much!

No. But being a current and fairly long-term resident of the American South I can affirm that a Party affiliation down here is much like changing socks.

Too, there's an old saying here in Arkansas (and I think it apropo to Arkansas' neighboring states) "We want our politicians to run as Democrats but legislate as Republicans."

Of course you will likely retort, "But JK, what about your elections of '08 when for the last 135 years your state's office holders had been majority Democrat?"

My reply would be, "They changed their socks!"


Oh, darling JK, please say something else.

Don't just send links.

I can't be bothered with the f$%?#"g links.

Love from Australia

Shrewd fella', that Sabato, seen him on Fox a few times.


Who is Peter Slipper and is he from Cairns? I seem to recall your mentioning him fondly.

Well, Peter Slipper ain't from Cairns but he just may be the fellow to bring down this, ah, Labor government, and I use the term loosely.
This mob is considered to be even worse than Gough Whitlam's and that's a hard act to follow.
We await developments with smirks not far from the surface.
Ms Gillard is currently on the way to Gallipoli and that's never been a good place for Aussies.

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