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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


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I agree with you about the madness bit. Genuinely mad people give you daft reasons for their strange beliefs, but Breivik's reasoning is clear and he speaks lucidly. He knows what he wants, and he has merely chosen a repugnant and evil way of trying to get it.

I disagree over the penalty, though, Abhorson!

The Guardian waits two generations to find a huge neo-Nazi conspiracy, and then the fucker turns out to be a lone loony. It's just not fair!

I'm inclined to be glad that he's not loony by legal standards, then I realise that it doesn't really matter if you can't hang the bugger.

Yes, he does speak rationally and holds views that certainly have some merit but really, does a sane person go out and brutally murder 77 innocent strangers?
I have my doubts.
Still, I can see no reason for keeping him alive for the next 50 years or so but, that's life, since the do-gooders and the god-botherers changed the rules.

I reckon he is mad, give his trial one more week, pronounce him nuts and lock him away forever. The Norges need to find a way of cutting off the oxygen of publicity and to show him for a pathetic loveless non-functioning being. Pour decourages les autres.

To have his publicity extinguished forever will be as good a punishment as we can hope for.

But, 'W', I do like to live my role. Abhorson repeatedly insists that his 'trade' is a 'mystery'!

You have a point, DM, in that teh choice appears to be between a nice cosy Scandinavian cell with hot & cold running women or a ward with the same facilities.

Andra, the world is packed full of people sane people who would happily murder 777,777 people or more if they had half a chance. Most of them either run countries or want to run countries!

Problem is, Roger, that his publicity has already been spread. Even as I write some nutter is already plotting on how to out do Breivik.

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