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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


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To be fair, he is probably not smart enough to know how taxes are evaded and avoided on that scale. This is a ridiculous toff's attempt to show that he is a man of the people, struggling like the rest of us, and perplexed at how venal some rich folk can be. I'll believe it after I start believing that Cameron has a use for a pasty other than as a PR prop.

I wonder if he's always relied on accountants and genuinely doesn't know how it's done or how pervasive it is?


No you must be right - a good, old-fashioned, born-again, lying liar.

It's conceivable that he didn't know just how thoroughly many of the rich can avoid income tax. I'll bet, though, he has a pretty good idea of how thoroughly they can (usually) avoid Inheritance Tax.

He is not a fool.

Perhaps, Jimmy, he's both - dread thought!

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