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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


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"not the kind, grandmotherly lady who adorns our throne today"

Might as well give it up David. Her Maj ain't never gonna give you even a coonskin cap - nevermind one of them bearfurs.

I bought this book on your recommendation and got a hardback version. It's a great read and very informative. The writing style is very absorbing, as if you're being told a story rather than being taught a history lesson. Thanks for the recommendation, it makes me want to explore more about our past.

Pheeew! Thank God you enjoyed it, Martin! He wrote an earlier book on the Medievil period using the same technique of a traveller's guide to tell what everyday life was like.

Hi David! I ordered that also and have that waiting to be read next. However, I'd forgotten that I already has an unread copy, so now I have two! I've only recently become interested in English history after I bought a book by John O'Farrell at the airport for some holiday reading. Looking back on my schooldays it reminds me of how utterly boring the teachers made history lessons.

Martin, thank God I'm not the only one to double up on books! Also, for what it's worth, one of the most enjoyable and fascinating history books I have read is "Dreadnought" by Robert Massie. Using the great naval arms race between Germany and Britain he draws a picture of Edwardian Europe and plots the shifts in the political tectonic plates that eventually led to disaster. Simply superb!

Thanks for the recommendation David. Looks like another visit to amazon for me.
In turn can I recommend a book to you, maybe you've read it, but it's 'Persian Fire' by Tom Holland. It tells the real story of how Greece successfully defended against Persian invations,and also has the real story of the 300 Spartans. Again it's told as a story rather than dates and times and people. It was actually recommended to me by one of the shop staff in Waterstones when I was looking for history books.
And I've just ordered 'Dreadnought'! Should be here tomorrow!

Thanks for the tip, Martin. By the way, beware the dreaded pile of 'waiting-to-be-read-books'. I speak from experience as a totally unreformed bookaholic who sits, even now, under the menacing shadow of a tottering pile of unread books which, if it finally collapses, will cause a tsuanami even if I am 30 miles from the sea!

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