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Monday, 23 April 2012


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A Socialist and a Racist. Now that's the kind of deal that would have some creative tension in it! Our miserable attempt is merely a bunch of public schoolboy wasters with the same kind of background and the same commitment to Europe and being superficially "nice" so they can retain power.

On a further note (and this is the type of subtle and sophisticated political analysis that I know to be the very hallmark of this blog) have you noticed how these French alpha males all get some very nice women? Of course, the pace-setter is that ugly little sod Sorkozy and Carla. But Hollande has children with Segolene Royal, and is now "dating" attractive journalist Valérie Trierweiler. Presumably Hollande also gets to lap up some intellectual pillow-talk, unlike Sarkozy, who presumably spends a lot of time asking if he is as well-endowed as all those rock stars.

Please, 'W', it's Monday morning and I do not under any circs wish to contemplate Sarkozy's, er, endowments! Mind you, if a plain little plodder like Hollande can pull all those gorgeous women I'm beginning to regret my decision not to enter politics!

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