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Thursday, 19 April 2012


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It's true that "They say that diplomats are sent abroad to lie for their country" but that's because "They" are ignorant pillocks. The original saying was witty not dimwitted. Thus: "diplomats are sent to lie abroad for their country" - see the difference?

Your idea looks awfully close to the actual fact that the EU police cannot be held legally liable for anything they do in the execution of their duty - anything AT ALL.

So as a principle, the answer should be NO.

If you do something illegal, you shouldn't be able to hide behind the "Nurnburg defence".

Er, no, DM, but then we established long ago that I am, indeed, an ignorant pillock!

Pondering briefly on the matter this morning, Andrew, I would like to make clear that in my opinion if a foreigner wishes to take legal action against a British minister he should do it under *his* legal system, not ours - particularly if he's on legal aid!

If I were a secret squirrel I would want Slippery Jack to have signed in blood, the chap has form so having his dabs on the paperwork is essential.

'Twill make fun and cash for m'learned friends and much mirth in The Grauniad. As for rights and wrongs, I am deeply sceptical about the long term value of this cloak n dagger stuff - mostly results in trouble and my money down the drain. As for the compo, its only taxpayer money, compared with a working spy satellite mere peanuts.

David. Our political system seems to have been drafted by lawyers.
It should not be a surprise that the lawyers will do their utmost to rip off the taxpayer as they do. A law unto themselves David. Time to rid Britain of the European Mafia Courts. I listened to a former Labour minister last night saying he was in favour and supported the European Court. Is that an admission of failure that his country cannot administer justice. Why have a British Parliament if that is the case. Hand it all over to Europe!


Please excuse an uninformed question from the other side of the pond.

Are you saying that foreigners have a right to sue Her Majesties ministers and former ministers that her subjects do not?

I admit, Roger, to being in two minds over this because nothing would provide me with greater 'cackle-power' than watching Jack Straw being driven off to Pentonville. However, tempting though it be, I still think foreigners should have no rights to sue ministers over here an don our money! Of course, this assumes that the minister was acting in his ministerial role only.

Shakespeare summed it up, Jimmy, "First, let's kill all the lawyers!"

Hank, no, subjects can sue the government - although I'm not sure whether or not you can actually sue the minister personally. I am trying to remember if such a thing ever happened before - perhaps readers can help. Of course, ministers can be sued as individuals for misbehaving on individual personal matters. My objection is to 'Ahab the Arab' suing a minister who had signed of on an obviously dodgy deal done because, at the time, the government was anxious to lick Gaddaffi's arse for national interest reasons.

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