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Monday, 16 April 2012


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Another 'spot the difference' is between Breivik and Ken Livinstone who both weep at their propaganda videos!

Damn you "Martin". I was going to point that out !

Slightly O/T, but another version of Downfall has been posted on line which neatly highlights the Livingstonian hypocrisy of tax being for the little people.

Worth a look : Kens Downfall on YouToob

Kind regards

Another difference is that the first guy only killed -- what, maybe 80 people.

Yes, quite right, Dom. 'Way to go, Anders'!

Sorry, David, I can't bring myself to watch Livingstone except possibly his funeral!

Well 'spotted', Martin!

Well, one is wearing what looks to be an expensive suit, albeit rather vulgar. The other one looks as if he has spent a few months teaching in a new university.

One has a wispy little back-to-nature bum-fluff beard,whereas the other one has demonstrated his ubermensch mastery by rigorously suppressing and shaping his facial growth so it looks like the chinstrap of a military helmet.

Oh, and one has a tiny little point of light reflected in his eye; probably the last glimmer of a non-existent socialist utopia. The other one has eyes that are totally dead.

Oh dear David. Breivik would not be aware of enforced starvation and land grabbing like Che did.

Beautifully put, 'W'.

And Jimmy, I hope you're nae trying to defend the wee South American scroat!

Well David I wis only a wee boy when Che did his thing and it certainly made the USA set about having him killed. Wonder Why! Jings Crivens.

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