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Sunday, 22 April 2012


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Allan Bloom. Harold is still going strong.

Thanks, 'W', yet again my commenters save my blushes. Send in your invoice it will receive the usual attention!

I have an ancient chum who started off his academic career in the fifties. He said that even then there were lots of humanities dons who fretted "what are we here for?", "what should we be doing?". Many of them- or their successors - never found a satisfactory answer and ended up teaching stuff that was a vile blend of the vacuous and the noxious.

What's a Sunday Rumble without


Thought you might enjoy.

Will Sarkozy Go From Power To Jail?

Well, you know the university scene better than me, DM, but by and large I remain unimpressed.

JK, I might have known it, the damned traitor was a Jock. Mind you, like most Jocks he was a damned good fighter, too! That's why we reallymust try and keep them part of GB.

Hank, I am doubly grateful to you. First, it was an interesting post - as always from Walter Mead. Secondly, with a tap of my totally useless finger I somehow managed to erase my entire list of 'Favourite Blogs' which included Mead's and with my elderly memory I just cannot remember them all. Now he is back where he belongs. Ta very much!

Missed Borgen but enjoyed The Killing and The Bridge. Homeland still a slack mess, but for my money, its the beardy guy.

Could never understand why Japan went to war when it did, should have waited till Germany overran Europe and UK and was ready to plant V3s on NYK in say 1951. As for Shakespeare's day, I thought the life expectation stats were a bit misrepresented, if you lived to say 10 years old you stood a fair chance of reaching 50+, unless you were stuck with heavy toil day after day. Message, avoid toil.

The Duke, a national treasure.....

Morning, Roger! I think the Japs were under pressure mainly from their lack of oil. The Americans helped the 'war faction' by inluding oil on the embargo list. Also, most Japanese strategic thinkers believed that they had a maximum of two years before the feeble, sleeping American giant got out of bed and began to exercise, as it were!

"Avoid toil" - I have developed it into an art form!

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