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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


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Do you mean I have to sell my retirement flat in Greenland?

A retirement flat in Greenland?

Can I interest you in this very fine, one-owner Morris Marina which I can promise you will be a collector's piece in years to come . . . very cheap, needless to say . . . ?

Buy in Morroco: The Ice will soon return.

"80% of humans will perish by 2100 AD"


Didn't the Club of Rome (in 1974) predict widespread starvation in the US by the 1990's? (Due to overpopulation iirc)

Why does anyone believe any of these charlatans, ever?

Is it that every generation has to learn anew how to spot snake-oil salesmen?

You mean that gloomy old sod, O'Neill, was right, DM, "The Ice Man Cometh"!

It is odd, Andrew, how each generation seems to actually *need* an apocalyptic story to cling to.

At least we can be pretty confident that The Ice will return. It might be in the next 50 years or perhaps a thousand years hence. But it'll probably be pretty quick when it happens. Maybe it's been delayed by all that Global Warming.

Well I won't be around to see it, DM, and where I'm going it is likely to be extremely warm!

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