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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


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The odd thing is I need an ID for all sorts of things, and no one, not even democrats, thinks this is a hardship. I just bought a bottle of wine, and the cashier asked for my ID as proof of age. I'm 60 and I look every minute of it, but still the law says I need an ID to prove I'm not younger than 18.

I fear you will have to get used to Obama.

It looks like him or Mitt the Mormon, and the right are still in considerable disarray.

Why do you think anybody else would be different?
At least the current bloke is cute.
I like cute!
Romney et al are NOT cute.
Relax. The world will not end this week.


You heard about the Chicago Democratic party worker who made a death bed request that he be buried in the city limits. As he explained it , he had voted Democratic in every election since he was two or three and did not want to stop now.

If you don't laugh you will cry.

Andra - Of the course the would will not end, If it did how could they rob it blind.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Dom, I keep telling you to stop taking those monkey glands to look younger!

'W', you may be right, it all depends on the swing voters and they will swing mostly on how the economy is doing. We shall see.

But, Andra, isn't that lady who runs your 'Labor' party "cute"? (Sorry, could you spell that, please?)

Hank, thanks for the chuckle - the old'uns are the best'uns!

Dom? Got myself asked for "proof of age" last week and the only thing I had with my photo was my VA card. Had to travel through seven more counties and into Missouri before I could buy beer.

[Arkansas' "dry county" thing]

PJTV just went to the offices of the liberal groups that oppose Voter ID's, such as the Center for American Progress. Guess what you need to get into the buildings? Yep, Photo ID's.

Well, JK you're obviously cuter than a honey bee with chocolate wings.

Lay off the beer if you're planning an early Guy Fawkes night.

Andra? Isn't Guy Fawkes' Day celebrated in late March?

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