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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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"Chinese strategy is based firmly on memories of the "century of humiliation" inflicted on China by the hands of 'foreigners'. One can't blame them but one hopes that they are not overly obsessive!"

I think the MoD ought to get working immediately on our latest defensive strategy. A perfect Mandarin translation of the phrase:

Look, we know you are very angry, but what are a few jokes about "flied lice", compared to what those bloody Japanese did to you?"

I get the impression that a rapidly ageing population is going to become a very big headache within a few decades. Too many pressures building up and not enough flexibility to cope with them. Interesting times indeed.

Wot abaft the "century of humiliation" inflicted on foreigners by China?

Well, what abaft it?

In issuing my strictures concerning American diplomacy I should have made clear that the same thing applies to the Chinese - it takes two to tango and/or to have a punch up! That is why the forthcoming changes to the standing committee of the polit-bureau are crucial. One assumes subtlety on the part of the Chinese but you would be a fool to depend on it, they have their home-grown hot-heads as well as us!

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