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Saturday, 07 April 2012


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Oops (again) wrong post.

Get a dictionary. Printed in official "Hillbilly Arkie-anese"!

Works wonders.

I switched off Google CAPTCHA - and what a name.

David - I managed to post that comment by using Opera as my browser instead of Google Chrome. Couldn't do it with Chrome - it just hangs. Don't know if that helps.

Well done, AK, and I have copied your words directly to TypePad - but of course it's a holiday weekend!

Testing! Testing! I'm trying this via Internet Explorer, but it is a tedious business. If it works I'll attempt to say something interesting and intellectual about Schrodinger's pussy. Something along the lines of Melvyn Bragg reading Mayfair...

Can't wait . . .

You might have to, DD - just tried 3 times and can't read the bastard thing...

"the sound is inaudible" What sound?

Very witty, DM!

'W' - and everyone else, this is the reply fromTypePad:

Hi David,

Thanks for your note, and we're sorry to hear that you're experiencing frustration. Are your commenters mentioning what happens when they try to comment? In order to help, we really need more information. You might have them try clearing their cache. If they are using a very old version of Internet Explorer, like IE 7, they will likely need to use a better browser (IE 7 is about 5 years old). For most people, however, clearing the cache will do.

In terms of the difficulty of Google's reCAPTCHA, you can use the refresh button to the top right of the code to receive a new code to enter.

We hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions.


I have asked them if I can switch off those bloody CAPTCHA code words. I will let you know.


Aha! I think I have switched off those bloody CAPTCHA words. If I get swamped in spam they may have to go back on. We shall see!

Yes, what sound?

Oh dear! I thought DM was being ironical but perhaps he really didn't know that there was an audio button on that CAPTCHA-thingie which spoke the letters - except that I couldn't understand a bloody word they were saying! Anyway, they're gone now - for good, I hope!

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