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Friday, 20 April 2012


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Interesting point. The problem with our "First past the post" system is, of course, that the electoral support for the small parties can increase quite a lot without affecting the distribution of seats. And even then, the first changes would be merely to erode enough Tory support in marginal seats to let in Labour. Result? A weakened conservative government, a sprinkling of loons like Galloway, and some false hopes for Labour based on electoral share.

I think we could do with a catastrophe or two...

Yes, you're eirght, of course, 'W', but every vote for a minority party is one that is not cast for a majority and that could upset some apple carts as well as a send a signal to the inmates of the Westminster loony-bin!

It's a 5 year mandate...

"because Hollande is promising to take a severe line>>>": aw, Duffers, what's a promise got to do with anything?

Thanks Pascal, ignorant Englishman that I am!

DM, your cynicism is shocking in one so, er, young!

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