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Monday, 16 April 2012


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That mob of goose steppers would make Adolf proud. They must be well fed to keep up such momentum. Meanwhile the hidden peasants starve. It would be nice to see this state of thugs collapse especially the great leader with the strange hairpiece oan his napper.

Very droll. The N Koreans have proved they can let off a rocket and they are really quite clever folk. So why did this one fail? A Rush Job, the ancient gods of hubris or perhaps someone wanted to remind Dear Leader it is about time N Korea stopped playing silly buggers and put its military to doing something useful - digging potatoes.

Quite right, the Euro is missing an essential part. In fact many economies are missing the same part - a very large gripper around the throat of every finance minister. Said gripper inescapably connected to the financial balance flumble sprocket.

Quite so, Jimmy.

I think, Roger, their last rocket shoot ended up in the sea, too! Gripping a finance minister, or any minister come to that, is like trying to catch a bar of soap in the bath!

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