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Thursday, 31 May 2012


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"Cooks cover their mistakes with sauces, Architects with creepers, Doctors with earth"

Love it, Robert, more of the same, please!

People have forgotten that in order to get the NHS going and to make the doctors provide affordable treatment for the great unwashed, Bevan had to "stuff their mouths with gold". They probably have us over a barrel even more effectively than the miners ever did, and it would be a brave government who riled them.

I agree that there are some who are brilliant. These are the consultants who rise up through their profession. The majority of GPs are totally useless. Every diagnosis is either "You've broken it" or "It's a virus".

Someone was saying on Radio 4 this morning that their pension is an eye-watering £53K, and they claim it for an average of 29 years. Plus the job for life aspect. Plus the fact that they get to see women's tits any time they want.

Hmmmn! I wonder if it's too late for me to enter medical school?

"anyone with the letters 'MD' after their name": what, are all your doctors locally Americans? Ours usually have MB ChB.

We're all Americans now, DM, or should that be MD? But thanks for the correction, it's why I keep you on!

I really wasn't too very enthusiastic commenting on this post - but since the concerned fellow is both dead and never practiced in the UK I'll go ahead and admit my "Dear Ol' Dad" was an MD. What prompts me is W's,

"Plus the fact that they get to see women's tits any time they want."

Many years ago a friend and I were sitting with Dad drinking his whisky. My friend observed much the same thing only lower on the anatomical totem pole.

Dad took a long gulp emptying his cup and replied, "Well Tom, being a doc has certain highlights I'd agree. Mind dropping your pants and showing your willy?"

"But Doc," says Tom, "There's nothing wrong with my willy!"

Dad drawled, "Well then Tom, think you might consider joining me in the exam room next time a lady needs her's looked to?"

And we tolerate many things to a doctor that we wouldn't to a plumber, like: I have no idea wht's the problem.

There was a brilliant letter in the Telegraph about this business a few days ago. I'll paraphrase what I can remember, for those who didn't see it:


My pension fund has dropped 20% in value in the last year. By how much have the doctors' funds dropped? The BMA wants those of us who take these risks to pay again so that their members don't have to. The answer is no.

Yours etc.

Pretty much sums up my attitude to these gold-plated grasping whatnots. And note that they don't even work weekends any more.

Steady on, Andrew, old chap, your local quack may be reading this and should you need your piles sorting he might seek revenge!

Consider the situation in Russia (and eastern europe) where (without the 'closed shop' limiting the training places and therefore the numbers of doctors at every rising level) doctors are seen, act and are treated as the same as engineers and other professionals. My own experience is that they are better educated, competent and just more professional than here (and that from a nurse too!).

Oh, and "two of them will be absolutely brilliant" - me thinks you're being a little optimistic there!

"me thinks you're being a little optimistic there!"

Oh, no, tell me it ain't so!

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