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Friday, 11 May 2012


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Bon voyage and au revoir, etc.
Hope you catch a squid or two.

Merci, bon voyage et bon appetit!

Hope France is enjoyable. Let us know if the politics there come up at all in any conversations.

Since you're away David... your UK audience you'll thank me I'm sure.

See where the UK's CDS Sir David Richards is explaining why your MOD's choice to go with the American (along with multiple nation's programs) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the "best choice."

Ya'll might wanna get in touch with your representatives in government. Here's a brief sketch for background.

Some of the bad news:

Daveed, j'espère que vous avez des magnifiques vacances célébrant l'élection du Président Socialiste français.

(It's the best I could do, I studied Russian instead French in anticipation of the revolution!)

Bon à entendre parler de votre expérience ..
Bonne chance de mon côté ...!
J'espère que vous apprécierez le séjour ...

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