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Tuesday, 01 May 2012


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"a long list of 'to do or else' jobs"

I'm pleased to hear you get those lists too!

Who doesn't - except lucky bachelors!

I did think it was close to season for re-arranging the chairs on your back porch. Don't break a leg though.

Look up Melba's farwell tours.
John Farnham is another one who won't retire.

Darling Andra, it's not a case of not wanting to retire but one is such a slave to one's public, you know!

I, too, have regaled the great unwashed with my dubious talent. Glad to hear it went well. At least you delivered more than half your lines!

Ah, just a thought but, have you considered giving your adoring public a chance to try surviving without the obvious joys of your mellifluous tones?
I'll just bet a whole lot of them are prepared to give it a go.
Just a thought ...........

Only just, Missred, and not necessarily in the right order!

Don't be silly, Andra, it is only the vagaries of the Her Maj's Royal Post Office that has failed to deliver the sack loads of fan mail I am expecting!

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