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Sunday, 24 June 2012


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"The Great Universal Name Game."

Global warming - climate change - global climate disruption - climatically challenged

Although we can laugh at their antics now, they've been preparing this switch for some time and I suspect it will be a much tougher nut to crack. After all, who is going to support unsustainable development?

AKH makes a sound point. It is a bit like calling yourselves the "Freedom Party" or "Progress", in that opponents have to choose their words with care.

There was an excellent article by AKH a few days ago that showed how those fluorescent light bulbs were actually more dangerous to the environment than the old bulbs that are now taboo. Probably the best chance of fighting these loons is more of the same tactic. Show how their ideas of a bright new future are completely bonkers. Less than one percent of our electricity needs being met by means of wind-farms. Is that sustainable?

Ultimately, however, there are some people who simply don't like the idea of industrialised production. I suspect many of them adopted a dim view of factory-work when they saw what their parents went through. And there is the fact that in the American rust-belt, heavy industry has let people down and seems a bad bet. There is probably a PhD thesis lurking in these ideas. If only I were young, ambitious, and intelligent...

Thanks, Jackson for a great new game: "The Great Universal Name Game." - my entry: Bloody weather!

If, 'W', you were indeed "young, ambitious, and intelligent" you wouldn't waste your time writing useless doctorate papers, and as you don't, ergo, you are . . . and all that!

AK, you're dead right, semantics matter in these debates.

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