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Sunday, 17 June 2012


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You don't tell us who plays the part of Maggie Thatcher as the she-devil.

Have a care, Sir, you are speaking of the woman I love!

oh! This sounds absolutely delightful! I do hope they get played on BBC America or Public Telly buys them.

Yes, Miss Red, but please note my warning words. You can't trust the BBC these days so we must just cross our fingers andhope for the best. Apparently the texts are being fairly severely cut!

oh dear. Bill-lite then?

Indeed, Miss Red, although virtually of his plays require a bit of a haircut. In fact, one of the most pleasurable parts of directing one of his plays is the business of cutting them. I never cut whole scenes but I do nibble at some of the longer speeches because, genius that he was, he could not break the habit of saying something six different ways! The other difficulty is to cut lines but maintain the iambic pentameter - that can be really tricky and (foregive me, Bill, for I have sinned) sometime you have to slip in a suitable word of your own with the right number of syllables. The very best place for the blue pencil are the 'comic' scenes most of which are incomprehensible to contemporary audiences.

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