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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


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Wasn't he meant to be a double agent anyway? He probably took the opportunity to ask her if she could chase up his last expenses claim.

I don't remember it being said of him - but who knows?

"Most recently, Ingram has also alleged that Sinn Féin negotiator, MP, and ex adjutant of the IRA Brigade in Derry, Martin McGuinness is a British Army agent. He first made these allegations public on Cryptome at the end of 2005, and later made these allegations in February 2006 on the ultranationalist, anti-Good Friday Agreement Radio Free Eireann, a republican orientated internet radio show based in New York City.[3] The allegations began with the circumstances surrounding the death of IRA volunteer and FRU asset Frank Hegarty, who was encouraged by his handlers to penetrate the IRA. Following this encouragement he rose to a position of responsibility and was given control over a IRA arms dump which was subsequently discovered - the largest find by Gardaí on the island of Ireland. Ingram has continually alleged that McGuinness was involved in Hegarty's death and that he was killed to protect a higher placed FRU agent. These allegations were then reiterated in the British Houses of Parliament by a member of the Democratic Unionist Party."

Alleged by Martin Ingram and several others. This bit from Wikipedia.

Mr MuckGuinness is being pragmatic. He and his fellow IRA scumbags knew they could not defeat the British. The British could have defeated the IRA if they had the bottle to employ Black and Tan tactics however the Yanks kind of restrained the British. The Kennedy effect! Then we had 9/11 and the Republicans were invited to meet Mr Bush and were probably told their game is up. How could the Yanks fight world Islamic terror with their British friend and allow funding to go to the IRA. Our old Queenie has had to touch the hand of many scumbags in the National interest and smile! Goes with the job.

'W', I can only repeat - who knows? Maybe it will come out inteh history books.

Wel, Jimmy, at least I know which team you support up there in 'Glasgie' - assuming it's still in existence, of course!

David. I support the Unionist Team up here in Glesga. Fitba Nein.

"Fitba Nein"????

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