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Friday, 15 June 2012


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We might complain about the run down of our military but the Argentinians have been running down theirs for 30 years. There is no chance they could stage another invasion.

The biggest threat to the Falklanders is in Westminster/Whitehall.

Oh God, then all is lost!

I should think a few 100 acres of that windswept isle given over to a joint UK/Argy Oil Exploitation facility would be a good idea. Enough money to shut the islanders up and enough left over to keep Ms Kirchner in Gucci and Cartier. Money as they say, speaks all languages. Liable to be screwed up by Treasury greed tho.

In principle you're quite right, Roger, and I think HMG would be happy to cut the Argies into some of the oil/gas possibilities if they would only stop waving the Argie flag!

O/T, but aware as I am of your devotion to grass cutting, perhaps you might want to take a look at :

Selling yourself short - shome mishtake shurely ?

kind regards

I reckon she's your sort, DD. If she were a right-wing republican TV journalist, you would melt.

Well, 'W', I do confess to a weakness for these strong, dominating women - er, so long as they stay the other side of my computer screen, that is!

'Strewth, David, I must be owed a small fortune! Mind you, I never knew grasscutters were called 'lengthsmen', although having checked my OED I think they may have name mis-spelled. A 'lengthman' (no 's') was the title given to a man who was responsible for the upkeep of a stretch of road or railway. Anyway, from now on there will be a bit of respect shown around these columns and I will be refered to as 'Mr. Lengthman Duff' from now on. In the meantime I must ring my lawyer . . . !

Is it me or does that bitch look like they just dug her up.

I think, in all fairness, it's probably you, 'Biker', old chap, but cling to the thought!

From Andra (who had difficulty getting through yesterday):

"I think Mr Biker might just be on to something here.
There is a bit of Morticia Addams about the lady."

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