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Wednesday, 06 June 2012


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"a huge campaign to unseat ... four Republican State Senators which would give them control of the House": which "House"?

The Wisconsin 'House', DM, which is why I referred to them as "State Senators".

It was really odd watching CNN during the Wisconsin vote. The banner under the screen was showing 58 - 42, Walker's favor, and tha announcer kept saying "essentially 50-50", or "too close to call". And they ended with "Walker survived the recall".

I can't tell you how sick I am of these progressives. There isn't one democrat in WI, or anywhere in the country, who can explain to me why a public employee should be allowed to strike in order to demand more of my tax dollars.

Come to Britain, Dom, it's our 'way of life' here!

"He then set about State spending with an axe, which little Georgie Osborne almost certainly couldn't even lift..."

Excellent writing, DD. First good laugh of a rather miserable day...

Oh, Duffers, Senators customarily sit in a Senate. The "House" usually refers to the other chamber, the lower house, though it might be called "Assembly" or some other name.

Very good, Duff, very good. It is a great day for Wisconsin AND the USA. Talk about "hope"!

Oh, God, that'll be another hundred lines, then, will it, DM?

But then comes praise from Miss Red - and all is well with the world!

Ooops, sorry, 'W', almost missed you. Glad to have cheered you up but you might find a good Scotch even better - if somewhat more expensive!


Living just south of the cheddar curtain I will have to settle for voting to recall President Obama in November.

A interesting thing. At he end of the campaign the democrats made vitually no mention of the the Union thing, that would have cost them more votes.

The recession came early to Wisconsin. Walker's policies are turning the local ecomomy around. The voters can see that the poicies supported by the democrats in states next door are making thing worse.

For those, like me, puzzled by Hank's reference to "the cheddar Curtain" allow me to quote from the Urban Dictionary site:

"The Illinois-Wisconsin state line, as referred to by people from Illionis. Comes from the reference of Wisconsinites as "cheese heads".

You see, at D&N you get all this really useful information - free!

Incidentally, Hank, just up the road from me we have the Cheddar Gorge. Being American, of course, you would snort in derision at calling such a tichy cutting a 'gorge' but it's the best we can do.

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