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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


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I bet the Russians only have third party, fire, and theft. And I bet the helicopters themselves would fail the MOT if they were pulled over.

Case for Dixon of Dock Green, I reckon, not the navy after all!

David we still have the old Glesga sludge boat that dredges the Clyde. It can be hired by parties to enjoy the smell. The swirling muck buckets could be converted for firing missiles. This just a back up in case our eminent military experts fail us!

There's worse ways you know, especially since we have so few ships and so many admirals we could probably crew the former with the latter (assuming an admiral even knows the difference between port and sherry).

On consulting the font of all knowledge, Mr Pratchett:

"As a result, although Ankh-Morpork still had many enemies, those enemies had to finance their armies with borrowed money. Most of it was borrowed from Ankh-Morpork, at punitive interest. There hadn't been any really big wars for
years. Ankh-Morpork had made them unprofitable.

Thousands of years ago the old empire had enforced the Pax Morporkia, which had said to the world: 'Do not fight, or we will kill you.' The Pax had arisen again, but this time it said: 'If you fight, we'll call in your mortgages. And incidentally, that's my pike you're pointing at me. I paid for that shield you're holding. And take my helmet off when you speak to me, you horrible little debtor."
[Feet Of Clay]

Now all we need is a benign dictator like Vetinari and we'll be sorted.

But Jimmy, why would would anyone want to dredge the Clyde? Let it silt up!

Able, I have never been tempted to try one of Mr. Pratchett's tales but if you quote him accurately I might give him a try!

David. We are still building ships and boats. The referendum is still to happen.

Which way will it go, Jimmy?

David. Either way.

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