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Thursday, 07 June 2012


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I have a suspicion that 'slick Willy' is a much better joke in British English than in American. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Normally David, I'd only do this, say this on Sis' site...

Duffster? Slick up! Put your sarong back on. Ya'll is about to get the Good Man from Hope!

Duff... (..O..) ~~~^ ^'!,,,


No, you're probably right, DM.

JK, if you are promising us more 'hope 'n' change' after November you can stick it where the sun don't shine!

"Slick Willy" over here only means he could get out of anything with slick words, like "is". Although we used to say, "Slick Willy got his willy wacked" when Monica Lewinsky ... uh ... wacked his willy.

I always liked Clinton. He was a democrat with conservative leanings. And just like "Only Nixon could go to China", only Clinton could lower taxes. The whole sex-scandal didn't seem like a scandal to me, except for that pig Lewinsky.

He's definitely throwing Obama under the bus. In the first campaign he was always pointing out (echoing YDS, by the way), that you don't want a community organizer in the White House.

And, Dom, I wonder how much spite has been passed on to Bill by Hillary since she started working for Obama? And how 'Professor' Obama must look down his nose at that pair of 'Arkies'! And what they must secretly think of him! Can't wait for the MSM to spill the beans which will be approximately two weeks after Obama is defeated.

Duff, Anne has too much class for the likes of Slick Willy. and prepare for the tell all Clinton book to be released on Jan 21, 2013. Hehe

Oh, my hat, I can hardly wait.

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