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Monday, 25 June 2012


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Sometimes I begin to suspect that you are prone to exaggeration, Duffers. Of course they are a poor team, shrewdly managed by a chap dealing with a thin, thin squad. But the second half against Sweden was good stuff - the low comedy of the Swedish goals, the high drama of the Coming of Walcott. The Carroll goal in the first half was a thing of beauty: the searching cross, the evasion of the defenders, the magnificent leap, the powerful, well-directed header.

Carroll reminds me of Beckham: limited in what he can do, but by golly he does that well. Not as consistent as Beckham, mind.

P.S. They played distinctly better without Rooney than with.

EXAGGERATE!!! Moi! What ever gave you such an idea, DM?

I missed the Swedish match. As far as I am concerned, the jury is out on the merits or otherwise of Mr. Hodgson. If we get no worse than we managed under that incomprehensible Italian then so be it. If we sink any lower then he's dead man walking!

I noticed in some filmed report the other day that Rooney was heavily muscled - I gather he does boxing training and presumably he's working out with weights. That is not good for an athlete and may explain his lacklustre performance. Carroll does not impress me - yet - but I suspect he needs the right parners around him.

And you cannot deny, DM, that none of them, except Gerrard, can pass a ball, or, perhaps, none of them have the wit and intelligence to move to the right place to reeive a pass. Either way, thank God, we're not facing the Germans!

I didn't watch, and the commentaries make me very glad that I didn't. I was hoping that the bonehead contingent among the supporters would do us all a favour by attacking the Ukranian police, so that at least we could be remembered for something, but alas!

The next humiliation is Wimbledon. And then, of course, the really big humiliation.

I'm not sure that putting on unnecessary muscle weight explains his hopeless first touch when he seeks to control the ball. He's the way Gerrard and Lampard used to be - good for his club but poor for his country. (Though his club performances seem to me to be getting erratic). Hodgson, I reckon, is the first England manager to get a sequence of good performances out of Gerrard. Alas, Gerrard is 32 and now injury-prone. Pity they didn't appoint Hodgson last time around.

I only partially watched. It was painful to see. The only part I took a break to watch were the penalties.

I'd rather watch Wimbledon.
Soccer (football to you lot) ha ha ha!!

You're right again, 'W', because whilst our footie teams have been total crap for the last few decades there was a time when the world trembled before the mighty force of our fans - shockin', shockin'!

Miss Red, to deliberately watch England (try to) take penalties indicates a profound masochism. Call your Calfornian shrink immediately!

You're obviously not sleeping well, Andra, if you actually watch Wimbledon.

DM, I just think Rooney has lost that basic athleticism which all footballers need. As for Hodgson, we shall see . . . !

I'm not impressed with that Carroll or his goal against the Swedes. Technique really wasn't that good. The ball pinged off his head in the correct direction, luckily, and only after the ball had left his head did he rotate his head and 'punched' it, if you see what I mean. Anyone with ability would have had the neck pointing the head away from the goal and at contact with the ball rotate the head to the desired direction and punch the head through the ball towards the goal to give it pace. The over-rated soccer superstar did all that only after the ball had already left his head. He was lucky. The England team is a load of shite and the Italians did us a favour.


Well, cheers to you, Fatty, anyone who agrees with me on this blog is always most welcome!

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