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Friday, 01 June 2012


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Ah, that's more like it! A return to usual form!

You are absolutely right, of course.

I heard Gerry Adams on the radio earlier this evening. He had of course played a big role in the "No" campaign. Very mournful, saying how he totally respected the sovereign will of the Irish people for self-determination; but how this referendum shows them to be naught but a bunch of thick fucking paddies with peat for brains. And how there was him and his mates murdering kids and condemning themselves to everlasting hell on their behalf, and this is how the ignorant gobshites repay him.

I made the last bit up, by the way.

But I bet he thinks it.

The sight and sound of either Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness makes me rethink the immorality of non-judicial killing!

So, having had their children literally buggered by the priesthood of their Italianate church, and their finances figuratively buggered by German bankers, they've voted for more of "Europe".

Ah, bejasus, a bit of buggery never hurt anyone, well, not after the tenth time, anyway!

well, the yanks might come through for them. remember that noraid thing?

Indeed I do, Louise. Very good to hear from you. I hope all is, and I choose the word with care, placid for you.

The irish problem seems to have very few to do with the EU. The irish banks were stupid enough to go bankrupt and the government was also stupid enogh to bail them out, going bankrupt too. Then, they asked the EU for money. I know it because it is the exact case in Spain (although the spanish banks did something even more difficult: being forbidden to buy toxic actives, they created thier owns in the real state spanish sector). They voted yes when they took the money. Yesterday they just showed that they have not sinked as low as the greeks.
Like we say here: never bite the hand that gives you food.

Ortega, I know Keynes's famous quote that "In the long run we're all dead" but this European 'ideal' is a nightmare - and we haven't seen the worst of it. Short term, Spain and Ireland will get their loans which will hang round their necks forever and will simply result in them sinking even deeper when the tsunami hits. In 'the long term' they would be better to take their medicine now, get out, go broke and build again from the bottom up.

I always found it ironical that those Irish I knew, fervently anti-British to a man/woman, were all resident and working in Britain, Why? Well because Ireland didn't have any jobs/university places/infrastructure/benefits.

Consider Northern Ireland. A protestant enclave, a tiny percentage of the whole, and yet 'the troubles' are due to the number of catholic Irish who moved there for the jobs (and decided 'oh, it's better here, let's keep it!'). And let's not forget their penchant for encouraging their 'problem children' to come here (gypsies, addicts, mental health problems).

I asked about this and their blanket response was to mumble about 'rich English landlords' (a common trait they share with the Scots, to claim their own rich are English [well, unless they're famous or invent something]) and 'the clearances' (conveniently forgetting more English poor emigrated than the Irish/Scots combined).

This cultural schizophrenia, of ranting hysteria against their cousins whilst relying on them for handouts, is a little pitiful.

Europe? Just more of the same 'we're independent, will fight/die/murder to prove it - but we'll sell out for some free cash stolen from the people we're fighting'.

I'm just surprised they haven't allied with the Arabic states instead. Anti-British and claiming they too are fighting because of something (misrepresented) that happened hundreds of years ago (whilst really in it for the cash), so many similarities lol

As good a summary as I have read - and enjoyed - for some time, thanks, Able.

odd then that most chose to go to America.

Research anti-British propaganda in Hollywood movies and take a look at this:

“NO TIME TO FIGHT OLD WARS. If you come from an Irish-American family, you may think of the English as persecutors of the Irish, or you may think of them as enemy Redcoats who fought against us in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. But there is no time today to fight old wars over again or bring up old grievances. We don’t worry about which side our grandfathers fought on in the Civil War, because it doesn’t mean anything now.'

Apologies for the randomness of this post but 'Able' has made me a tad cross.

i might um challenge him to a duel or something.


Ooops, didn't mean too, so is it pistols or swords? I'm more a sabre than an epee man myself (well, to be honest I know to hold the blunt end and wave the pointy end at someone, just don't scar my face, I'm ugly enough already).

A gross generalisation? Yes, but with some truth from personal experience, is all. But 'most chose to go to America' isn't really true either. Most remained in Ireland. A large number came, and still do, to Britain (even if only temporarily in some cases). The numbers emigrating to America were vast, but still a smaller percentage.

A good and sensible quote, but telling isn't it. English are seen in this way, just don't bother fighting them now. The equivalent thoughts would be if most working class English made films, campaigned (NORAID anyone?), and constantly mentioned the rapacious English bosses because of the Tolpuddle martyrs (to be honest, not a fair comparison since it's at least two hundred years more recent). The 'generalisation' that Americans of Irish descent are 'more Irish than the Irish' holds some truth too.

Hollywood is a joke as watch any film and you'll see who the 'bad guy' is before the plot unfolds - the guy who sounds (upper class) English lol.

Not meant to offend, I just find people endlessly fascinating.

Australia is overflowing with young Irish men at the moment ... there are jobs here and they are excellent workers.

Louise, I really enjoyed that link. Comparin gthen and now one can only mutter, "Oh what a fallin goff was there"!

Able, part of the problem for old grumps like me is that people, damn them, never quite fit in the envelopes I design for them. Thus, one has to admit that in a fight it is exceedingly useful to have an Irishman by your side!

Andra, you just stick to the Chinese and don't listen to the blarney!

David, are you having a problem with your "g's"?
You seem to have a surfeit of them or maybe it's just a problem of placement.
Try to give them up altogether for a while and see if that helps.

Forgive David his "gs" Andra, this's been plagueing him all day.

It's very cruel, Andra, to jibe at people with disabilities. My habit of typing 'teh' instead of 'the' and for hitting the space bar just before the last letter of a wor dis a result of my potty training as a child!

And, JK, as you are always hitting me with links let me give you one in return dealing with a much more important anniversary, the 70th, than Kitchener's death:

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