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Thursday, 14 June 2012


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"I have saved Mr. Hillyer's article in order to check Mr. Romney's final choice when it is announced."

Well then, mark down on your article JK mentioned Eric Cantor. You can then, justifiably so, say, You heard [read] it here first!"

Well he's certainly Right-wing enough but obviously Hillyer doesn't rate him. We shall see what we shall see!

Thing is - Romney's got the South solid. Jindal (heh, anybody from here) doesn't "help" him score votes. And that sort of "help" is precisely what is needed. Mitt's main problem is his own History - he's a Moderate. Kyl for that matter too, never being seen as a firebreather doesn't help.

Thought to add. All the talk of Rubio is just that - the media doesn't mention it much, but the target audience doesn't actually need what the MSM thinks necessary to make hay of while FOX has it's own reasons for deliberately not mentioning it - George Romney, Mitt's Dad - was born in Mexico.

Five generations of Romneys lived in Mexico following leaving Utah prior to it's achieving statehood. Great-Great Grandpa had this thing for multiple wives. Daddy George re-entered the US at a time "temporary immigrants" were being welcomed - FDR set up a program for manpower while the US men were fighting in Europe, Africa, the Pacific ... heck various and sundry places.

Funny to think of ... your UK readership (yes yes I know, but three is a sort of 'readership') may not be famiiar with the term but the "target audience" here is:

Mitt's an "Anchor Baby"!

Let's go back to yesterday's wasteland!

Personally I would go for Sarah Palin. There are a lot of men in the USA who like women with curves and who like shooting things. And it would be more fun........

Ah, yes, 'Envelope', My Darling Sarah - how I miss her!

BoJo was born in NYC.

DM, I'm not absolutely certain who you mean by 'BoJo' but if it's Bobby Jindall he was born in Louisana according to Wiki.


It has been observation that a good choice for VP does not help so much as a bad choice hurts. Your Darling Sarah being an exception.

At least Governor Romney will not do like President Obama and select some "impeachment insurance" as a VP.>Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Hank, Lord writes this of MDS:

"It is too easily forgotten these days what a ten-strike John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin was considered to be in the day. Enthusiasm and energy flowed into the McCain campaign -- a campaign lost not by the selection of Palin but by the economic blow-up that occurred weeks later, and McCain's response to that event."

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