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Saturday, 23 June 2012


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"'Mikey' is married with three daughters so 'D'-wing might have been a better, or at least quieter, prospect!"

Yes, the poor bloke's punishment is likely to be extra-judicial. Mind you, there are some men (Alan Clark was an example) who breeze through this sort of thing without serious mishap.

One hopes Mikey has salted enough away to tide him over, or has other talents...

Ahem, I will, in the absence of anybody else apparently willing to do so, presume speak on behalf of women everywhere.........

I am guessing that the complaint here was made by the pinchee, as it were, and in this case I can only suppose that the good Mr Wood doesn't know his lady clerk as well as he thought he did.

I can't say that I'm particularly keen on being pinched on the bum; a simple pat on the rump generally suffices. However, I like to think I would have accepted the gesture in the spirit in which it was delivered, which I am assuming was in a jovial manner, and not with any malice aforethought.

Ah well, I once threw a typewriter at a bloke who apparently fancied me and wouldn't go away but that was a hell of a long time ago and I was stronger then. I don't think I could throw a computer at anybody any more.

A mouse maybe, but not a whole damned computer.

Anyway, I am sorry for the Geordie judge's demise and can only suggest he use his nimble fingers in a more productive manner and take up crocheting or tatting.

'W', that's why I shall vote for Boris when he takes over as leader.

According to the reports, Andra, the lady herself did not complain but mentioned it to her co-workers who did. Oh, and consider yourself well and truly 'patted', er, but not a word to the 'Memsahib'!

The silly arse: pinching at random females in unwise enough, but pinching an employee over whom you have authority really won't do. He certainly deserved a reprimand. Sacking, however, is too extreme if that was his only misadventure. So I suspect it wasn't: "record long as yer arm, Guv" might be the case here.

Maybe, DM, and welcome back - I assume you have been on your hols because you never said 'thank you' nicely for the exhibition of Turner paintings I provided especially for you! (Scroll down!)

Where are my manners? Thank you, Duffers. One good Turner deserves another.

Oh God, DM, you've been opening your Xmas crackers early again!

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