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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


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"And needles to say ..."

Third time you did that! It's quickly becoming my favorite Duffism.

Oh God, my careless, bad spelling corrected by an American - the shame, the shame! Don't tell 'DM' - I think he must be on his hols or he would have been in like Flynn and given me another hundred lines!

Is there a video of this spectacular encounter anywhere on the web? It all sounds a bit limp. Apparently he walked away from her. It would have been much better if he had stood there, chest out, hands behind back like the Duke of Edinburgh. What would she have done with the letter then? Tried to post it in his mouth? Rummaged in his jacket looking for an inside pocket?

Alternatively he could have taken it, rolled it into a tube, and said "Right! I'll be the Conqueror, and you are the Belgrano! Run before this goes somewhere you don't want it!"

You might find a video of it on oneof those all-in wrestling channels!

Quite frankly, when I am Empress of the Universe, I will get rid of the UN. These third world dictators are as annoying as the midges in the highlands. They have no business playing with the big boys.

But . . . but . . . I thought you were the Empress, Miss Red, and I have been worshiping at your feet since I 'met' you! Oh, and by the way, just remember that some midges can be deadly!

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