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Friday, 29 June 2012


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"the single most consequential political act of a democracy — the election of a president": except that in many democracies it isn't. Americans do tend to very parochial.

Bit picky today, DM, go and watch those dancing Russians, it'll cheer you up!

Hopefully this will open in the UK:

Better yet:

No show, I'm afraid, JK.

Maybe this one then David. Chief Justice Roberts is on drugs.

Crapola, JK, as I believe you say 'over there'!


From a strict analysis Roberts restricting the Interstate Commerce and the Necessary and Proper clauses is a good thing and long over due.

Unfortunately the Obamcare law will cause more harm than the gain if it is not repealed.

Really, Michael Savage, sometimes I think he is a DNC plant to embarrass the Republicans.>Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

They can now tax one for NOT owning a firearm.

Well, Hank, it will now be up to teh people to decide in November.

Jackson, they'll soon tax you for breathing!

Could well be Hank. Truthfully, I'd never heard of the guy til somebody sent me that link.

I did however spend about 4 hours reading the oral arguments from March 29th where Solicitor General Verrilli (for the government) and Esquires Clement (Respondent) & "Friend" Carvin (also arguing against) presented their respective cases before SCOTUS.

Now I'm certainly no lawyer type (heh - if I were, David by now would've engaged his beautiful, helpful blogger team from California for help banning me - despite his effort) but even I being no lawyer, could see where Verrilli however inadvertently laid a clever trap allowing Esquires Clement and Carvin to "help" him make his case.

Hank? I'll look to see if I can re-locate a link to the pdf but here're some of the notes I sent on to a blogger here in the States calling attention to the Esquires' cock-ups mostly.

""" Pivot made by SG page 19. --- Sotomayor to SG line 8 page 23 response line 14. --- BIG PIVOT SG page 40, 41, onto page 45. --- Top of page 54 Res. Clement makes point for SG. Again on 59. *Attention to lines 7 - 19 page 75. --- Carvin [behalf Res] steps in dogshit page 99 lines 13-24 again to page 101. --- SG ceases all pretense on Commerce Clause in rebuttal page 108. --- Dogshit hits fan June 2012. """

I've got the pdf but not the link Hank - shout out if you wish to read legal stuff. (Or, you can find it yourself [maybe] here):

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