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Sunday, 24 June 2012


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Offerred without comment - of course!

Odd that my comment's Capcha's second word was... Theoretical!

Let's imagine that "they" already have this man's scandal details in the file and are ready to "leak" any day now.

What are the odds?

I'll be touching the touch screen for Ron Paul myself - og Hod I do hope he'll not take that too comfortably - over here we Independents (yes David, capitilize!) anyway we Independents listen to:

"Well Mr. Romney, given what the President has just done concerning the children of illegal immigrants, what will you do?"

"I'll form a committee with the Congress, to get the economy going - hire a bunch of surveyors to plot the course I've in mind. Next: get the National Park Service to paint a big circle out on the Congressional parking lot and have the Washington Park Service paint a short intersecting line upon which I'll place my toe on.

"Next - to show I mean business - I'll place my toe on the line (providing the weather's neither too hot nor too cold) at which point I'll ask all of Congress to place their toes at my heels. We'll of course do this in a bi-partisan fashion.

"Then. To show I really do mean business. Bi-partsanly and long-termly you understand:

I, President Romney will lead the Congress on the stripe the National Park Service used the $Zillion for the cans of spray-paint so that I, President Romney can lead for the next however many years, Congress and me round in circles."

Statesmanship USA style ya'll UK and EUophiles surely understand.

The Sabato link was interesting, JK, a lot of names on there that I never heard before.

"Oh. And should you have any further questions please, please direct your questions to my new press secretary, Derrick Yerbama.

"Somebody - who knows who - ran a check out of our archives... er... somebody's archives. Anyway, whoever mistakenly baptized that poor dead Anne Frank, "Ello Joe Smith?" call me Ishmael an all that, well, we'll not be mentioning that.

"Those that'd tried with Anne Frank switched focus and now it's to the folks who back in the 1850s left Harrison, Arkansas. We've set our Magic Underwear to forgiving the Baker-Fancher party."

Heh. FOX and Ann Coulter. Don't know of Magic Underwear David? (No. Not yours.)

JK, I only have so much time left on this earth and, honestly, I don't want to waste it reading about Mormon underwear! Now, go and lie down in the shade!

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