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Thursday, 28 June 2012


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Don't know "clever gets to it David, Justice Roberts after all is a lawyer. He surely recognized a noun when he read one.

Quite so, JK, but some of his dimmer Right-wing Justices might have been tempted to fight the Dems on *their* ground of 'mandate'. Big mistake which he avoided by calling 'an odorous lump of brown matter' a 'piece of shit', or, 'a tax' as you and I might put it!

SCOTUS just said that government can't force me to buy broccoli, but it can tax me if I don't buy broccoli. Sounds like I have to buy broccoli all the same.

(BTW, it's Internal Revenue Service).

"Sounds like I have to buy broccoli all the same." No, sounds more as if you have to pay a fine if you don't buy broccoli. Anyway, surely we all grow our own broccoli, don't we?

Cross-linked from Malcolm's Waka, David:

"You just eat up your greens, they're good for you!"
My old Mum, and yours, too, probably, Dom. (Sorry about the misnomer.)

JK, yes, that's a neat little legal hook to hang some huge legal fees upon but the reality is that the election in November will settle it one way or another long before it reaches court.


I believe The Inland Revenue Service is the old name for HM Revenue and Customs.

In the US it is the Internal Revenue Service. Beaware a typeo to "Infernal" will get you an audit.


You are missing some of the nuance.

Roberts agreed with the conservatives on virtually every point and then found a technicality to vote the other way.

I think rather than settling the issue ithis will open many other issues, Just making bigger mess.

The chief Justice is right on one thing, it is up to the people and the legislature. Dumbness is not a ground to declare something unconstitutional.>Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

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