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Tuesday, 05 June 2012


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"Poor old Prince Phil is now in hospital and I do hope he makes a full and fast recovery."

The poor old sod is 90, and at that age, one thing can quickly lead to another and the whole situation can spiral out of control. If dies, I wonder how the whole event will be seen?

Pity he didn't have the foresight to say "sod it, I'll stay here with a stiff whisky, and watch it on the telly". The country would have loved him for it.

Hope he's OK.

Not his style, I think, to fail to go where 'Queenie' leads!

My beloved sat down to watch a BBC highlights show about the river display. Some of the craft were beautiful (I thought the Venetians particularly well turned out) but I was driven from the room by the vulgarity, ignorance and stupidity of the Beeb's droners-on. Shameful boldly performance. Time to sell the bloody outfit off.

My dear chap, let me introduce you to 'my mate Rupe'. Awfully nice bloke even if he is an Aussie and if you speak nicely to him he will give you a neat little aerial dish and a super-fantastic recording-thingie which even I mastered after ten minutes - and all for free! Er, well, you do have to pay a bit for his channels but, my dear, the joy of being free of the BBC . . . !

Now I know why I've been such a miserable bastard over the Jubilee break, we've been denied a wrap-it-up broadside from the DoE; so here's one to tide you over: -

"Can you tell the difference between them?"
- The Duke's question after President Barack Obama said he met with the leaders of the UK, China and Russia.

You had me confused, Lawrence, because just for a moment I thought you were referring to the Department of Education! Now I realise you are quoting the nation's favourite wit, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Actually, the Duke should have said that about any leaders in the Middle east. Libya was attacked, Syria wasn't? Bahrain uses brutal force to put down demonstrators, yet little is said.

IiF, Not sure the DoE would have obliged with a particularly disparaging comment reference the toe rags of the middle east.

As he said to the then Paraguayan dictator General Stroessner: “It’s a pleasure to be in a country that isn’t ruled by its people.”

Nice one, 'SoD'!

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