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Friday, 22 June 2012


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I have some secret documents that I stole from the Ecuadorian government, detailing the operations of their state police. Do you think Wikileaks will publish them?

Thank you, Dom, you have just produced my laugh of the week!

Nothing has changed since the Wikileaks the world moves on. Mr Assange is just maneuvering to avoid trial and possibly a bit of time in the nick.

Yes, and doing so, Jimmy, at the expense of his friends.


What ever his chronological age he hasn't grown a day in maturity since he was thirteen.

Haul him before a juvenile court and sentence him to year in reform school, or what ever you call institutions for wayward youth.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

David. His so called friends will probably move on to another lost cause. Money to waste.

Er... Dom?

Course this being the Friday before we can blow stuff up... well you know:

JK, do you actually read all this stuff? Just askin'...

Andra, sorry but may I correct your pronunciation? Being by now somewhat of an expert in 'Arkanese' it's "jest askin'".

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