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Wednesday, 06 June 2012


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So, will there be riots? possibly but will they turn into revolution - I doubt it. What is missing is support from the middle
classes. Past revolutions have relied on the middle to provide the driving force and organisation. Despite the Bullingdon-effect there is no major disparity between the successful middle class and the ruling class - so no revolution.

As for Europe, the British are 'geographically challenged' , anything can be made anywhere and the distance/value equation
defines where our markets lie. The current financial fuss (actually a side-show) turns upon the implications of replacing
currency devaluation with fiscal control whilst preserving the illusion of something called 'sovereignty'.

So we have a treble whammy, a need to hold down the masses (cheaply), a need to encourage the remaining wealth-creators and a need to get our hands on more of the global wealth-pie (the main event). But "we" means all of Europe, a 'bunch of Blackshirts' anywhere could go viral, the wealthy will maximise their own advantage whatever the implications and each European country will be scrabbling for whatever slices of pie they can get in a race-to-the-bottom. The only comfort is that there is no advantage in revolution - yet - so a riot here or there but not much more.

Yes, Roger, I think outright and, dare I say, rather old-fashioned revolution is not likely. However, the extremist parties (I leave others to define that expression) can gain the power they desire by using the electoral system. Again, I would remind you that the nazis were elected!

My own view is that we should disassociate ourselves from Europe entirely except for any mutually agreed trade agreements of the type we strike with countries around the world. Then we should then try our hardest to become 'lean and mean', encourage companies to come here and our companies to get out and seek fresh markets. In other words, we should 'earn' the right to call ourselves 'Great' Britain by trade not by arms.

"we should 'earn' the right to call ourselves 'Great' Britain by trade not by arms": oh balls, 'Great Britain' has nothing to do with arms - it's a geographical expression.

The word 'Great' has connotations, DM, beyond its mere legal meaning.

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