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Saturday, 02 June 2012


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Sent this link to you David (email) just after you left on holiday pre-birthday. I'll assume you had so many jokes in your inbox you simply deleted mine since it didn't contain any, uhm, interesting photographs but I think securing an oil supply is a piece in the equation.

Yes. I see you've inserted "oil" already David. Should've adjusted my phrasing accordingly. Perhaps when writing your driv... ,er, masterly insightful analyses, you might bold keywords.

I read somewhere of a meeting between an American Navy chief and a Chinese Navy chief. The Chinese quipped 'you keep the Pacific from 'Frisco out to Hawaii and we'll look after the rest'.

Sauce for the goose.....

I saw an intervention in the House of Commons the other day from Admiral Denis Macshane. He said that if only we had an aircraft carrier left, we could send it to the South China Sea to frighten the Chinese.

Somehow, Roger, I have never associated wit with Chinese admirals!

Actually, 'Envelope', he makes a good point. I have been pondering for some time as to the pros and cons of spending 'loadsa' money which we do not have on aircraft carriers which we do not need!

JK, yes, and thanks, I have read the piece but the really important question is - do they read that sort of thing in the White House? Or does he just concentrate on 'Golf Monthly'?!

If there's one good thing that at least some of the other claimants have gotten from China's aggression, it is an excuse to upgrade their navies. Vietnam and the Philippines, in particular, have been shopping around for better hulls.

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