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Saturday, 16 June 2012


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When I were nobbut a very junior wage-slave in the City in the 80s, and Iran's rather austere spiritual leader was behaving particularly badly towards the West, one of my superiors (where are you now, Mr Thunhurst?) proposed an exciting money-making enterprise.

He suggested commissioning vast quantities of loo-rolls, to be sold through 'Private Eye'. Each sheet would be tastefully printed with the holy man's portrait and a descriptive slogan at which none of the forbidding cleric's adherents could possibly take offence. It would, of course, be no more than an unarguable fact:

"The Ayatollah Khomenei is a Shiite"

Can we put Toni Blair on to when he becomes Pope?

Love it, 'Webbers, love it!

I suppose it will be a way for us to wipe away his sins, DM!

Not a person I know, but I'd go for the EU flag.

too many contenders!

Damn! Wish I'd thought of that one, AK.

Come along, Miss Red, you must choose or you will be kept in after school and forced to write "I love Joe Biden" one hundred times!

The problem is, dear Duff, is that I wouldn't want any of my contenders near my nethers!

ok, I will play properly. After much thought, going back and forth, avoiding the politician, the person whose face I would like to wipe my arse would be Oprah

Now I know why I love you, Miss Red!

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