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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


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With me, the problem with those gabbled get-out clauses is that I notice them more than the preceding ad. It's an "okay so what have this lot got to hide?" reaction - hopelessly counterproductive.

As for voices, there's a lot to be said for a really good one. Richard Burton's was a voice I always envied even though I'm not Welsh.

"...(obviously after Arkansas which must come first!)...

Ah David, I'd forgot you'd asked me for some pictures of the town I'd told you of ... oh gawd I been reading D&N this long!!! ... Well apologies, the actual Arkansas town of Duff is now part of one of our National Parks.,n,duff,c,searcy,lat,36.000629425,lon,-92.7626647949.cfm

Located in the scenic Ozarks on highway #333 just NE of hwy #65. But just click to enlarge the photos.

Bit further from Duff Arkansas, David. 40 miles east and maybe 15 south - nearer me actually, but Tim's photos are much much better'n what're found on the state-owned sites. Enjoy!

I dislike the abandonment of British pronunciation for American. rehSEARCH has become REEsurch, fihNANCE FIEnance and the rather rare leeverage the rather common lehverage. I've even heard, God spare us, Mom.

I am, of course, entirely happy with Americans using American pronunciation - it would be odd if they didn't.

AK, Burton's voice makes me sick - with envy!

JK, thanks for the photo links (and Jim's are truly beautiful, but where is Duff? All I see is rivers and mountains - and one solitary old wreck of a building which I trust is not the Duff family ancestral home!

DM, alas and alack, you cannot do 'a Canute' with language these days. Too many instant influences. Soon they will have to translate Shakespeare.

Do you mean train mumblers?
Is that your latest hobby? Mumbling at passing trains?
Is it a club?
Do you wave your willies at the passengers?
Sounds interesting, which is quite unlike you. Tell me more!

Oh God, I wondered what you were mumbling on about, Andra, and just assumed you had been sampling too much of the local re-inforced pine-apple juice! Then I spotted my error which had avoided my eagle eyes despite proof-checking it three times!

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