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Friday, 01 June 2012


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I recommend "The Observers book of Trees" - still available 2nd hand on Amazon - samll enough to go in your pocket and the good thing is it has both summer and winter pictures - even the shape of bare trees is distinctive enough make them recognisable.

Thanks for that, Obligato. My ignorance concerning trees almost embarrasses me.

The thing about tree planting is that it's almost always unnecessary. Just fence some land against grazing (including rabbits and deer) and wait. Bingo, you get woodland. There are a few exceptions: land very exposed at the coast, land above the tree-line, land in hopeless bogs, but nobody uses those for tree planting anyway.

If you want to learn about woodland, Duffers, read the remarkable Oliver Rackham, a wonderful writer who Knows His Stuff. He will also strip you of various delusions about British history.

But ... but ... DM, that means being cruel to little bunnies and bambis! Also, it takes some time and could become a race between the saplings and sundry voracious shrubs and bushes. Rackham looks a jovial chap (Wiki) and displays an excellent growth on his chin which is encouraging!

And "various delusions about British history" - moi?! Those would be the parts where I disagree with you, no doubt!

Blimey, DD!

Have they changed your medication?

Peace 'n' love, man!

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