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Saturday, 16 June 2012


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It is Ossies and Wessies NOT 'Osties' and 'Westies'.

As to the problems with re-unification, it was/is not JUST the exchange rate.

A entire COUNTRIES worth od pensioners that had not paid one single Pfennig into the system bevcame, overnight, entitled to FULL benefits.

Not ONE police vehicle met the West standards, and ALL had to be replaced. Fire appliances, SOME Ossie ones are still in use in small villages, but basically the same as the police vehicles. Ambulances the same, to say nothing of "council trucks", etc.

New police station signs cost tens of millions. New letter headed paper. Side arms. Uniforms.

An entire countries armed forces had to be re-equiped over night.

Buses that did not meet safety standards. Trains, Trams, upgraded or replaced.

THEN people ask "Whatever happened to the German ecconomic miracle?".....?!?!

Sorry, FT, I knew I didn't have the correct phraseology but I was too idle this morning to look it up - heavy night last night! However, from west German friends I gather that the animosity still lingers.

But, Furor, what lunacy impelled the Wessies to insist that the Ossies upgrade police cars etc overnight?

You have to remember that while England has been England for a thousand years, Germany is a recent construction. I remember a Bavarian telling me that they call non-Bavarians Prussians; and it is not a term of endearment! He did make an exception for Swabians......

Yes, that dreadful old Prussian bully, Bismarck, has much to answer for. Even so, they share a language and for the past 150-odd years they have shared two world wars as a single entity. And if they cvan't stand each other what chance of a love affair beteen, say, the Finns and the Greeks?

Well, as long as the Finns have Finland and the Greeks have Greece, I would think a love affair is quite possible. And of course, they have a common enemy - Brussels.

The people do but, alas, just like here, the politicians do not! They see in Brussels grand, swanky jobs with big wages and handsome pensions. Bastards and bitches, the lot of 'em!

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