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Monday, 18 June 2012


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This is the first good news from the Arab world! Just what we (the West) need - a stable secular military government in Egypt. To save their own skins, the military will keep the lid on.

Absolutely, just as long as 'the Cousins', bless their little money-bags, keep supplying the Egyptian army and its officers with all they desire short of nukes!

"we must all hope the army has what it takes to smack the Muslim Brotherhood round the ear and send it home to Allah."

Saved something from an earlier NightWatch may calm your fears:

"In the end, the guys with the guns showed they are in control because they have the guns."

My guess would be, the Bro'Hood is aware that unlike Turkey, putting Egypt's military "back in the barracks" would be exceedingly difficult 'cause the military long ago forgot where the barracks is.

Yes, I read that one, JK, because I now receive their regular overnight reports which are excellent - thanks to you, I seem to remember.

Ssh. Careful not to reference me in a single sentence also containing the word 'excellent' - even if separated by a hyphen. Andra could get ideas.

'Still your beating heart', JK!

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