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Saturday, 09 June 2012


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XX if you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been listening. XX

I only NEED to know one thing, and that is MY fucking tax money, instead of being used to give MY Granny a decent pension, is being used to give scumbag fat, lazy, bastard Greeks the oportunity to retire at 50 after working hard DOING fuck all, all their life.

Whats more to know, besides where the most effective target for a nuke is in Greece?

(Use same explanation and final solution for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or any other sponging bastard country.)

Indeed. Many people seem to find it hard to understand that a billion is ever-so slightly larger than a million, and that a trillion is even slightly bigger than that. They are unwilling or unable to understand the size of the hole into which the €-zone has dug itself.

Whenever some innumerate buffoon starts lobbing the -illions around interchangeably, I usually bring the nonsense to a swift halt with this:
A million seconds is about 12 days.
A billion seconds is about 32 years.
A trillion seconds is, therefore, 32,000 years.

Crikey! Teutonic fury from one side and terrifying mathematics from the other. I'm outta here!

"I gave up on Europe some time ago."

Me too. The big picture can be better than analysis when the subject is so complex, so I'm with your first two commenters. Forget chess, the EU is a crock, stuffed with crooks and nutters - what did we expect?

The best thing the UK can do is to keep our heads down, agree to nothing and DO nothing. Sooner or later the whole thing will go tango uniform and then we can do lots of things.

I think, Gentlemen, that between the five of us we have the makings of a cabinet - or better still because it suits my style - a junta!

Personally, I prefer The Song Is Ended.

The same is true for Blighty's banking system, but the truth (that we've known all along) is finally starting to be formally acknowledged: -


You are a sweet, old-fashioned thing, DM!

Crikey, SoD, that's grim reading!

Poignant, wunnit?


By the by, if we are about to plunge into another Great Depression, maybe we should consider the - ah - cultural features of the last one.

Great evocative song but not the best rendition I ever heard. Reminds me of 'One more for the road'.

I don't get up at three ... honest!!! Five, sometimes ... :-)

If you say so, Richard, but either way your blog is a bracing read every morning for which many thanks.

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