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Friday, 08 June 2012


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Mr Zimmerman is undoubtedly guilty of being less black than the arsehole he shot.

You should have been a lawyer, DM!

I have no strong views as to the guilt or innocence of Zimmerman either, but it's difficult not to suspect Ms. Corey's motives.

Blindingly obvious, I think, AK, given the alacrity with which she acted once the story hit the headlines.

After Dershowitz spilled the beans, others have come out also. Seems Corey has a history of threatening her critics:

Quite so, dearieme.
Another excellent synopsis, my dear Duff

Dom, alas, I couldn't get through on that link so I tried going via Google and whilst I reached the Jacksonville site the obviously very naughty Ron Little page would not open. Has Corey struck like a dervish?

Aw shucks, Miss Red, you say the nicest thangs, an' all!

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